Blue Hill Daylilies

Daylily Introductions from Don Church

Rubilicious - 2019

Church - 2019

Rubilicious has a diverse genetic background . Teaberry Tycoon the pod parent is from Francis Of Assisi X Tuscawilla Blackout. The pollen parent is from Regal Braid x ( Forestlake Rggamuffin x Enchanted Aril). Rubilicious has a tall and erect scape with good branching and flower spacing. High bud count of 35 to 45. Pod and pollen fertile. 6" Bloom 47" tall 4 branches 45 buds. Midseason Bloom with rebloom. Bright clear red with lighter red eye. Green throat. Dormant Tetraploid
$125.00 Single Fan

Last to Hit the Bricks - 2019

Last to Hit the Bricks
Stuart/Church - 2019

Last to Hit the Bricks starts to bloom the first week of August and is in bloom until late September. Good branching with high bud counts up to forty five. The color is a blend of red, gold and orange and fits into the fall landscape well. Very Pod and pollen fertile 6 " flowers 34" tall 5 branches Very Late Season Reblooms Copper orange with red to orange washed eye with large green to yellow throat Dormant Tetraploid Milanese Mango X Ruffled Strawberry Parfait
Last to Hit the Bricks
$100.00 Single Fan

Blackbird Calling

Blackbird Calling
Church - 2019

Blackbird Calling has large flowers. Dark black burgundy long beautiful petals with a small red halo, green throat and red mid-ribs. Modest three way branching with top Y. Pod and pollen fertile with long pods. 9" flower 34"tall 22 buds Mid Late Season Dormant Tetraploid Midnight Rabbit X Mystic Pizza Crispate-Cascade
Blackbird Calling
$125.00 Single Fan

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese
Church - 2019

Grilled Cheese is large daylily that starts out at seven inch with washed orange gold color with red eye then settles down to six and half inches. Pod parent was Fooled Me with Ram pollen. Reminds me of a grilled cheese with tomato sandwich. Pod and pollen fertile, modestly three to four way branched and 32 inch scape height.
Grilled Cheese
$100.00 Single Fan

Eggemoggin Sailor - 2017

Eggemoggin Sailor
Church - 2017

is one of two new intros given Maine names this year. The water separating Blue Hill Pennisula and Deer Isle in downeast Maine is called Eggemoggin Reach. It is well known for it's gorgeous views and is a favored location for sailing. The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta is held here every August. This flower celebrates all who dream to be free sailors. A very large flower of dark ruby red with pink eye and thin white edge
Midseason,dormant tetraploid, 6.5 " flower, 34 " tall,4 way branching w/25buds, this one reblooms here in Maine Pod Parent : Royal Flourish Pollen Parent : (Regal Braid x (Forestlake Raggamuffin x Enchanted April)) Eggemoggin Sailor
$125.00 Double Fan

Butter Crunch - 2017

Butter Crunch
Stuart/Church - 2017

6 " flower 30 " tall 3 way branching 18 buds Midseason Reblooms Light peach with heavy yellow gold edge. Likes warm weather. Tetraploid Dormant Pod Parent : Honeydew Fringes Pollen Parent : Darla Anita
Butter Crunch
$90.00 Double Fan

Cherry Music - 2017

Cherry Music
Church - 2017

5.5 " flower 36 " tall 3 way branching 18 buds Early Midseason Cherry red petals with lighter sepals, pink eye with white edges, green to light lime throat Tetraploid Dormant Pod Parent : Mabou Pollen Parent : Her Royal Pinkness Very limited
Cherry Music
$125.00 Double Fan

Pamola - 2017

Stuart/Church - 2017

is named for the Maine Abenaki Indian God of Thunder, thought to have caused thunder storms on Mount Katahdin. Pamola was also called the wind spirit. He was said to have the head of a moose, body of a man, and feet of an eagle.
Burgundy red with purple eye band green to yellow to orange throat a large 9.5 " flower, 40 " tall 4 way branching 22 buds Mid Late Season Diploid Dormant Pod Parent : Eggplant Ecstasy Pollen Parent : Francis Splashed Me Crispate-Cascade
$75.00 Double Fan

Two of the above lilies are introduced with long time friend and hybridizer, Suzane Stuart, who lives in nearby Belfast Maine. Suzanne likes to hybridize with Reckamp daylilies mating them up to newer and unique cultivars. I'm pleased to have raised some of her seeds with profound results. Daylilies Buttercrunch and Pamola originate from Suzanne's daylily artistry.
Contact Don or Suzanne

Raven White Feather - 2017

Raven White Feather
Church - 2017

Sometimes black and sometimes brown. 7.5 " flower 36" tall 3 way branching 18 buds Early Midseason Black burgundy with large black eye band & small red band, green to yellow throat with white strikes on the lower mid rib Tetraploid Dormant None Pod Parent : Midnight Rabbit Pollen Parent : Tom Cox Crispate
Raven White Feather
$75.00 Single Fan

Raven White Feather - 2017


Tiger Whiskers
Church - 2012

Spidery Unusual Form
Orange petals with red edges and a large gold throat.
< 8.5 inch bloom on a 30" scape with 3 way branching.
Tiger Whiskers often has petals that stick straight out looking like whiskers.
Maine hardy very fertile Dormant Diploid
$25.00 Double Fan



Dancing With Ellen
Church - 2010

(Orchid Corsage x Lola Branham )- A reluctant cross where I set 23 pods on Orchid Corsage producing 110 seeds. There were several solid creams and whites in the seedlings but only one clear yellow. This large 8 inch flower is a dormant bright yellow unusual form and has great personality. Bred from two lavender parents. Tall scapes measuring 54 inches with long stemmed 4 way branching. A late to very late bloomer that blooms when most all others are finished, great addition to the back of the late bed. Sibling to Pointer Sisters
$25.00 Double Fan


Voo Doo Music
Church - 2010

An unique lavender pink color with large unusual form 7.5 inch flowers held up where they can be seen on tall 41 inch high scapes with three way branching. Dormant, midseason to late diploid. It's a changeling. On cooler days the color is a steely lavender .Warm temperatures brings out warmer pink lavender color.
$20.00 Double Fan


Pink Lady Love
Church - 2010

Dormant, 30" tall, 6.5" flower. Nice clean color flower mixing Lachman with Stamile genetic lines.(Lady Tiger X Great White) four way branching with a bud count of 20.
$25.00 Double Fan


Midnight Rabbit
Church - 2010

is an unusual form tetraploid, producing long pods that can hold 18-24 seeds. Midnight Rabbit is pod and pollen fertile. 38 inch scape height with 8 inch flowers. My first tetrploid long petaled introduction producing children with larger flowers in clear colors. 4-5 way branched with terminals with bud counts of 20 - 25. [(Swirling Spider x Boney Maroney) X Fortunes Dearest]
Temporarily Out



Her Royal Pinkness
Church - 2010

Pollen and pod fertile, flowers are very large and first flowers can measure over 7 inch with 4 inch wide petals. 24 inch Scapes are three to four way branched with a bud count of 18 - 20. dormant.
[(Regal Braid x (Forest lake Raggamuffin x Enchanted April)) X Great White]
$45.00 Double Fan



Teaberry Tycoon
Church - 2010

Teaberry Tycoon is sinfully fertile both pod and pollen. This midseason tetraploid gives a stunning performance with a 20 to 25 bud count and four to five way branching. 5.5 inch flowers on 28 inch scapes The color saturation is very deep. The genetic background mixture brings in flowers from David Kirchoff, Ra Hanson, Bill Munson and Steve Moldovan.
(Tuscawilla Blackout x Francis of Assissi )
Temporarily Out

Madagascal Moon daylily


Madagascal Moon
Church - 2009

5.5 inch flowers on a 30 inch scape, dormant foliage
Just when you think yellow tetraploids could not be improved, along comes a daylily that out shines both parents. (Ferengi Gold x Ram)
Ram pollen brings H. Fred Ham , a Munson classic in the south, into a hardy daylily for northern gardens. Super clean looks with great performance repeating here in this zone 5a garden. Very heavy substance with great form making it rainproof. 3- 4 way branching with a bud count of 25. Opens flat every day with never a bad hair day. Adding that it consistantly repeats in Maine's climate before the first scape is finished blooming makes Madagascal Moon a northern hybridizers dream come true.
The name Madagascal comes from an American Indian word naming a lake and stream in northern Maine, a beautiful spring fed trout stream that flows through mature trees from the town of Lee through the township of Saponic and meets the Passadumkeag River.
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Rose Solitude daylily


Rose Solitude
Church - 2009

a 6.25 inch Flower on a husky 24 inch scape
Tetraploid with Dormant foliage, clear and clean rose color with a white underlay and slightly darker small rose red eye , small lemon yellow to green throat
(Nosferatu X Great White) Great White's power to clarify stands out in this large flowered dayliy, well branched with three to four way plus terminal buds bud counts range between 18-25
$25.00 Double Fan

Daylily Frostbite Falls


Frostbite Falls
Church - 2009

6.5 inch flowers on a tall 36 to 38 inch three to four way branched scapes, the long side branches start low on the scape and look like individual scapes. Frostbite Falls has dark green dormant foliage.The clump to the right has only two scapes but presents the large flowers uncrowded on long flowers stems. The flowers face out and not up. Fertile both ways. Out performs both parents and sports a high bud count of 25 to 35 with very large flowers starting out over seven inches and settling down to respectible 6.5 inch.
(Chablis Blanc X Early Snow)Bill Munson continued to use Chablis Blanc into the 90's and thought the genectics and garden value important enough to double its genes in his last white 2001 introduction of H. Blanc DeCoubert.

FROSTBITE FALLS $25.00 Double Fan -

daylily Francis Splashed Me


Francis Splashed Me
Church - 2009

A diploid 7 inch flower that blooms above the foliage on a 26 to 28 inch scape with a moderate Bud count of 15-18. Flowers are more of a cream color than pink as the picture shows. Flowers can start out over eight inches in diameter.
This daylily was created looking for polytepalous daylilies through the pollen parent H. Give Me Eight .The flower has GME shape and size with H. Francis Davidson pink eye splash.
$20.00 Double Fan

daylily Princess Pink Cheeks


Princess Pink Cheeks
Church - 2008

Princess Pink Cheeks is a very well behaved daylily.
It bears it's pretty blossoms with great substance atop a strong 30" scape. Important to northern growers PRINCESS PINK CHEEKS opens flat early in the morning. Bloom time is extended with repeat flowering.
The Genetics are from my own SIMPLE SPLENDOR { which is Patrician Splendor, a Pat Stamile Pink, crossed with Jeff Salters' award winning Pure & Simple } to Bob Carr's, America's Most Wanted
PRINCESS PINK CHEEKS is both pollen and pod fertile.
PRINCESS PINK CHEEKS joins three great hybridizing programs in one great northern hardy dormant tetraploid!
PRINCESS PINK CHEEKS 30 inch scape, six inch flower, 2 way branched with terminal bud count of 20-25.Dormant tetraploid
$25.00 Double Fan

Pointer Sisters daylilies


Pointer Sisters
Church - 2007

Diploid with unique form and color from two lavender parents. 32 inch scape early midseason, 8 inch flower
$25.00 Double Fan

daylily White Summer


White Summer
Church - 2004

A vigorous near white Tetraploid growing from a seed to eleven fans in three years while its siblings have barely made three. White Summer is a full dormant with six inch flowers.
[( Silver Ice x Angelous Bluebird) X Early Snow]
If breeding for whites the seedlings from White Summer may have various pink colored watermarks because of the A.Bluebird heritage in the background.
$20.00 Double Fan

Peacock Uprising daylilies


Peacock Uprising
Church - 2004

Peacock Uprising has a 39 inch scape height with five way branching and a 33 bud count.
Peacock Uprising has an eight inch plus size and strong scapes to hold up the large unusual form flowers.
It is a vigorous diploid full dormant and a budbuilder.(Parade of Peacocks X Give Me Eight)

Simple Splendor daylilies


Simple Splendor
Church - 2005

(Pure & Simple X Patrician Splendor) 4 - 5 way branched with 25-35 bud count. This beautiful daylily has remarkable performance with a long bloom season and bloomed 43 days in 2008
A large flower at 6" and an early bloom time put this one opening before many of the large tetraploids even start. A nice pink that passes on its elegant ruffles to its offspring.
Temporarily Out

daylilies Purple Tuff Enuff


Purple Tuff Enuff
Church - 2006

Wide petals measured at 3.25 inches and blooming over a long period from Midseason through late season.
Purple Tuff Enuff opens flat after 48 - 50 ° nights, it opens flat when most of all of the registered purples and lavenders in the garden do not. These cold nights happen frequently here on the coast of Maine during the bloom season making this selection a winner in cold northern locations such as our own.[ Houdini x (Court Magician x Admirals Braid)]
$15.00 Double Fan

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